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Revised October 2019

Executive Board

President and Vice Presidents


Momo Steele

Vice President of Consulting

Andy Guo

Vice President of Programming

Cindy Xiong

Vice President of Mentorship

Jenna Movsowitz

Vice President of Finance & Operations

Sophie Ghiasi

Vice President of Consulting

Katerina Misa

Vice President of Marketing

Taylor Martin

Vice President of Membership

Jonathan Machado

Vice President of Research & Reporting

Ayon Mitra


Director of Client Acquisition: Jiayu Shao

Director of Client Acquisition: Matthew Bacon

Regional Conference Director: Vivian Sun

Meeting & Marketing Week Director: David Kaminsky

Director of Outreach: Alexander Chang

Social Programming Director: Shalena Adams

Social Programming Director: Nick Li

Director of Brand Strategy: Madeline Amonick

Creative Director: Ally Heath

Social Media Director: Amy Paskiewicz

Technical Director: Bryce Sczekan

Account Executives

Abdur Sajid

John Frye

Michael Shen

Natalie Farrell

Naushil Mehta

Noah Horowitz

Silu Men

Vance Wood

Faculty advisor of the year Leslie Kendrick!