Executive Board

President and Vice Presidents


Momo Steele

Vice President of Consulting

Andy Guo

Vice President of Programming

Cindy Xiong

Vice President of Mentorship

Jenna Movsowitz

Vice President of Finance & Operations

Sophie Ghiasi

Vice President of Consulting

Katerina Misa

Vice President of Marketing

Taylor Martin

Vice President of Membership

Jonathan Machado

Vice President of Research & Reporting

Ayon Mitra


Director of Client Acquisition: Jiayu Shao

Director of Client Acquisition: Matthew Bacon

Regional Conference Director: Vivian Sun

Meeting & Marketing Week Director: David Kaminsky

Director of Outreach: Alexander Chang

Social Programming Director: Shalena Adams

Social Programming Director: Nick Li

Director of Brand Strategy: Madeline Amonick

Creative Director: Ally Heath

Social Media Director: Amy Paskiewicz

Technical Director: Bryce Sczekan

Account Executives

Abdur Sajid

John Frye

Michael Shen

Natalie Farrell

Naushil Mehta

Noah Horowitz

Silu Men

Vance Wood

Faculty advisor of the year Leslie Kendrick!

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Revised October 2019